Velvet Metallic – Be Different, Be Yourself

by Minnee / 2 years ago

How to be different? A question I am yet to answer. The competition is big, and you feel so small. How can I be like “insert name”? How to become famous like “insert name”? How to success in “insert field”? We ask all these questions every day (at least I am). But never try to find out the answer.

Google will give you a list of article and they all have a common answer/hint.

Whether you want to be different, to stand out or to success in something, you will first need to know yourself, and


Sounds easy hey? Yea. Not quite. You will have to find out who you are. Next, there will be many factors (social, financial, you name it) that refrain you from being yourself.

After finding myself through lots of hard work, I start to understand what I really want in life. I faced all kind of problems that push me to the end of a cliff. I get lost in the middle of nowhere, not sure how to continue with life anymore. But I find my way back. The key is – Don’t Give Up. If you choose to take the road less travelled, it will never be an easy trip. But you will find something (good) after all the bumpy ride.

The last 7 months of my blogging life is like travelling on a deserted land. There was the time when I doubted myself and wanted to give up. I choose to believe and hustle it through the dry and hot land, preparing myself for the thunderstorm and enjoy the rainbow view later. I believe the beautiful cottage house on a green land next to a clear river will arrive soon, where I can sit down and enjoy a cheese board for a few days before I start another bumpy ride cycle.

Till I share another life story post. Wish you a good week ahead!

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