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Trying KPOP Star Contact Lenses? Pinkicon O-Lens Review

by Minnee / 8 months ago

I recently purchased some contact lenses from Pinkicon O-Lens and decided to swatch them for you guys!

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In this video I will be trying out 3 different types of contact lenses from a Korean brand O-Lens. I’ve heard many KPOP star or Idol wear contact lenses from them. I got all these lenses from Pinkicon. They are 1 month disposable lenses, Russian velvet are available in 1 day disposable but at a higher price.

The contact lenses I will try out include (All USD16.00 at time of discount):
O-Lens Ice Gold 3Con
O-Lens Crystal 3Con Pink
O-Lens Russian Velvet Gray

Hope you guys love this video Thank you so much for those who supported me all the way. I will work even harder to create more content for y’all. Love You!

Pinkicon O-Lens Swatches

1 Pinkicon O-Lens Ice Gold 3CON

Pinkicon O-Lens

2 Pinkicon O-Lens Crystal 3CON Pink

Pinkicon O-Lens Pinkicon O-Lens

3 Pinkicon O-Lens Russian Velvet Gray

Pinkicon O-Lens Pinkicon O-Lens

O-Lens is a well known contact lens brand from Korea. Pinkicon is selling them at a more reasonable price compared to my local beauty store. I definitely recommend trying out the brand O-Lens, they also comes with different style and colors. I believe Pinkicon ships internationally as well.

Pinkicon has many other Korean and Japanese brands for contact lenses and you can check out their website HERE.

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