Your New Superfood: Lifecykel Mushroom Coffee…. What?*

by Minnee / 1 year ago
lifecykel mushroom coffee

You might see the word “shrooms”, but don’t worry, it’s 100% legal. 

Two weeks ago I received an Instagram message from Lifecykel, who kindly offered to send me some Lifecykel Mushroom Coffee. What in the world is Mushroom coffee? I clicked on their website with a burning curiosity, and this led me into the wonderful world of this fairly new fungus drink which has been gaining traction globally for some time now, with some hailing it as the “next superfood”. The mushroom coffee claims to give drinkers a huge energy boost from the coffee as well as providing the many health benefits from medicinal mushrooms. Most importantly, this curious combination claims to eliminate anxiety or ‘jitters’ that normally comes with coffee, especially for nonregular coffee drinkers.

Lifecykel is Australia’s first to produce Mushroom Coffee and they are based in Fremantle, Western Australia. I was invited to their Mushroom Farm Tour following our discussion. Julian, one of the founders of Lifecykel, showed me some enormous oyster mushrooms (at least 5x the size of regular oyster mushroom you get in your local supermarket) they grew and educated me about the different kinds of mushrooms that I didn’t even know existed. He was kind enough to give me three loads of oyster mushrooms, a pack of Coffee Mushroom Box to grow my own mushroom and of course, one pack of Lifecykel Mushroom Coffee (Magick Coffee).

Now, back to the Magick Coffee. The two main medicinal mushrooms in the coffee are CHAGA and CORDYCEPS. Sounds like biology, I know. But let me explain these two shrooms in human language:

CHAGA: The King of Mushroom x The Immune Boosting Superfood

Known as the king of mushrooms as it has the highest source of antioxidants gram for gram in the world 1 serve equalling 5 large cups of blueberries. Due to this its benefit on the immune system is profound, boosting or soothing as needed by your body. Chaga has a pleasant nutty, earthy taste, that grows on Siberian birch trees and is kind on the environment. Only the outer fruiting body is collected, leaving the mycelium whole and happy.  High in zinc and potassium, Chaga’s alkalinity reduces the bitter taste of black coffee making it much smoother while also removing any digestive discomfort of plain coffee that some people suffer. – Lifecykel

Some Health Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms (as claimed by Global Healing Center):

  • Stimulates and supports the Immune System
  • DNA Damage Protection
  • Nutritional support in the fight against cancer
  • Soothing Properties & Reduce Inflammation
  • Anti-aging & Skin (thanks to its antioxidants!)
  • Ulcers and Gastritis
  • Normalize Cholesterol levels & Blood Pressure

Any Side Effects?

According to Live Strong dot com, there’s a potential of bleeding risk and hypoglycemia. Chaga mushrooms may magnify the effects of anticoagulant medications such as aspirin and warfarin. This raises your risk for bleeding and bruising. Chaga mushrooms also interact with diabetes medicines like insulin, raising your risk for hypoglycemia, or blood sugar levels that fall too low. Symptoms of hypoglycemia may include shakiness, hunger, confusion, dizziness, feeling weak or anxious, and difficulty speaking.

If you are taking any medications, always consult your doctors before consuming it with any Chaga products (or any medicinal plants), including the mushroom coffee.

Read more Chaga benefits and comparisons with other superfoods here.

Chaga Mushroom. Picture from WildAlaskaChaga

CORDYCEPS: The Anti-Ageing, Exercise Boosting Mushroom

Very popular with athletes particularly those in endurance categories. Commonly used as a pre workout as it increases our V02 max and the ability for the body to uptake oxygen. At the same time, it is known as an adaptogen helping support the immune system during times of stress. It really is perfect for those needing extra energy whether it be during sport or a long day at work. The flavor of cordyceps is mild and creamy. – Lifecykel

6 main benefits of Cordyceps Mushroom (as claimed by Dr. Axe):

  •  Increase Immune Function and Have Anti-Aging Effects
  • Improve Stamina and Athletic Performance
  • Act Like a Natural Aphrodisiac
  • Fight Diabetes
  •  Improve Liver Function and Detoxification
  • Fight Respiratory Infections

Any Side Effects?

According to Dr. Axe dot com, while Cordyceps is considered safe for most human being, but some potential side effects may arise for pregnant women and people with a history of autoimmune diseases (for example, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis). Dr. Axe dot com suggests pregnant woman or breastfeeding woman to stay away from any cordyceps products since their safety hasn’t been well-researched or confirmed. Same goes to those with bleeding or blood clot disorder, as medical mushrooms can sometimes interfere with proper blood clotting.

So if you are out of these two categories, you are safe to drink this coffee.

Read more about Cordyceps mushrooms and history here.

Cordyceps Mushroom. Picture from TheChalkBoardMag


Lifecykel Mushroom Coffee: My Experience

Now that we have talked about the two medicinal mushrooms in the coffee, let me share my personal experience after trying this coffee for two weeks.

Note that I am not pregnant and am not taking any medications, so I am safe to consume this coffee.

When I first got this coffee, I was skeptical about it, but I was still a little excited to try this cool new drink out. Julian recommended me to drink it black on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. So I did that the next day before I head off to work as usual.

I consumed the coffee at 6:30 am. I started to feel a wonderful sense of inspiration and motivation 15 minutes later. I hopped on the bus with lots of ideas going on in my head, I was completely awakened and my brain started to function way better than it normally does. I took out my notebook to write down all sorts of crazy ideas that went through my head. On a normal day, my eyes would be half opened and I would be day dreaming away on the bus. I was impressed.

After lunch at around 2.00 pm is the time I would usually need my 2nd dose of caffeine. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel sluggish or tired even after 3.00 pm on this day. I pondered if this could be due to the mushroom coffee or perhaps just a placebo effect? Not sure. Anyway, I ended up drinking only one cup of mushroom coffee and it lasted me the whole day of work.

I tried Lifecykel Mushroom Coffee for 4 days straight and the excitement went down steadily. I still get that energy boost, but definitely not so much of the inspiration or motivation like the first day. It could be my body starting to get used to the mushroom coffee. So I stopped consuming the coffee on the fifth day for 2 days.

On the day I stopped drinking mushroom coffee, I drank a total of 3 cups of my regular coffee, and I still felt dead tired.

So I resumed the fungus filled coffee on the 7th day, not much of the motivation or any crazy ideas (just a little), but I got the energy boost I needed to get me through the day.

lifecykel mushroom coffee

My Final Verdict

When I was doing the test on this mushroom coffee, I wasn’t sleeping enough. I slept maximum only 5 hours a day. Lifecykel Mushroom coffee helped me get through the day without a second cuppa. I was really impressed by the results. I am a heavy coffee drinker, and mushroom coffee has helped me reduce the amount of coffee I need a day, as well as providing me with many other health benefits.

Taste wise, it’s really awesome. The sourness and bitterness of the black coffee are not as pronounced, instead you get a mild and more neutral tasting coffee. I believe the mushrooms smoothened the bitterness of the coffee.


  • One pack of Lifecykel Mushroom Coffee (A$22) can make you at least 10 cups of magick (depends on how heavy you drink). I put a teaspoon each, and it lasted me more than 10 cups.
  • Just like any instant coffee, it’s easy to make, just add hot water and you’re done.
  • For best results, drink the coffee in black, and on empty stomach first thing in the morning.
  • Yes, as printed on the package, it’s 100% legal, no dodgy stuff in there.


  • It boosts your energy level. Just one cup a day. No more. (Unless you didn’t sleep at all).
  • No jittery or coffee crash (I have not experienced any).
  • Many health benefits from the medicinal mushrooms. One of my favorites is antioxidants.
  • Reduce the amount of coffee you drink, we all know drinking too much coffee is bad.
  • Get more out of your day! Get more productive, motivated, and an increased exercise performance!


You can order your shrooms from Lifecykel website.

They have a special offer when you buy 3 packs of mushroom coffee (reduced to $19 each). Plus you get free shipping too!

While you are reading away, I have already got my 3 packs on its way. What are you waiting for?

P.S. I am currently growing some shrooms with Lifecykel Coffee Mushroom Box. A post about Lifecykel Mushroom is on its way, soon. Stay tuned!

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