Marbling Reflection: Quay Australia

by Minnee / 2 years ago

Hello Peeps!

Don’t be deceived by the nice blue sky. The weather today was horrible. Extremely strong wind and rain throughout the whole day. I was glad winter is finally over, but nature seems to be playing a trick on us all by prolonging the winter. It’s the coldest September in WA since record began! Well, I am glad we still managed to take some nice shots on this beautiful river.

Good news is, I finally got my hands on these stunning shades from Quay Australia! Can you see how flawless are those marble frames with the green reflective lenses? If you are sharp enough you may be able to spot my conscientious photographer in one of the picture 😉

I have no words for these Quay Australia – HIGH EMOTION sunnies, but simply pure LOVE <3

The outfit is simply a white top and navy blue shorts, finished off with a light coloured bucket bag. I created this minimal look to match with the shades. I don’t want the outfit to look too over-powering. Simplicity is key; less is more. Thanks to the peplum top, the outfit looks way sassier and chic than your ordinary white tee and shorts.

Of course, I needed a jacket to keep me warm from the strong winds. I simply grabbed a blue jersey boyfriend blazer to go and it surprisingly accentuated the look. I actually like it with the jacket on. What do you think?

-Outfit Info-

Top // Pomelo Fashion
Shorts // MDS Collection
Jacket // Duck and Cover
Bucket Bag // APALEPETAL
Boots // Top Shop
Sunglasses // Quay Australia

Hope you enjoy reading. Have a good week ahead!

Till next time, XOXO

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