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Gabaiyoka Horse Oil Charcoal Mask Review

by Minnee / 5 months ago

Asty Cosme-Freak Gabaiyoka Horse Oil Charcoal Mask is a peel-off mask that claims to give you baby smooth skin by removing fine baby hair, dead skin cells and blackheads/whiteheads etc. I saw this mask piling up on the counter of my local Japanese cosmetic store. The sales girl swear by this product works wonder and so I had to buy one and try it for myself.

gabaiyoka horse oil charcoal mask gabaiyoka horse oil charcoal mask

Before I start using this mask, I did a little research on the products just to see what’s so good about it, and what’s inside those sticky¬†black gel. Here’s what I got from Q0010 about this product:

“For centuries in Japan, pure horse oil products have been used as traditional medicine for its healing properties against burns, cuts, bruises, insect bites, inflammation and skin diseases like eczema. Horse oil contains moisturizing ingredients like Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid which protects skin from dryness. It is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids which is very similar to human sebum and thus has remarkable permeability into the skin.

Contains Charcoal, Clay and Mannan which vacuums dirt out from pores leaving skin smooth and refreshed!

Contains Hoikkado Horse Oil, Hamamelis Extract & Grape Leaf Extract to help tighten pores leaving skin supple!!!

Easy to use. Just apply on face and peel off after 20 minutes. Contains fragrance of Lemongrass. Excellent for removing blackheadss, old keratin, dirt and fine hair.”

gabaiyoka horse oil charcoal

I’m sure you all wondering what Mannan is, I explained it (in the text) in my video, as shown in the picture above. Basically, it helps keep moisture in our skin while charcoal and clay drive out the dirt from our pores.

gabaiyoka horse oil charcoal gabaiyoka horse oil charcoal gabaiyoka horse oil charcoal

Gabaiyoka Horse Oil Charcoal Mask Review

I encourage you to watch my video to find out what I have gone through doing this mask. Hope it somehow entertains you too LOL.

Anyway, my rating for this product would be a 3/5.

It removed dead skin cells and super fine baby hair from my face, but none of my blackheads/whiteheads was removed. My skin got sensitive from removing the mask so for those who have sensitive skin out there, I would recommend staying away from this product.

Find out more about the mask on my video!

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