Comfort is Key

by Minnee / 2 years ago
summer floral sweater

summer floral sweater

While I looking for some summer clothes in the storage box, I found this cute floral sweater that hasn’t been worn for more than 5 times since I bought it. Back then I wasn’t confident enough to wear anything that shows off my belly button. I happen to change a lot after started this blog and surprisingly it boost my confident bit by bit. Does that happen to anyone else?

summer floral sweater summer floral sweater dsc07631 dsc07632 summer floral sweater

Summer means everything floral with a baby blue shorts. No, there is no rules of what you can wear or how you should wear in a particular season. What’s important is you feel comfortable with what you wear. I feel more confident when I am wearing clothes that I am comfortable with. So if wearing loose clothes and big tee shirts is your thing, go for it and use your unique creativity to make it look fashionable.

Speaking of comfortable, this outfit definitely ticks the box. Shorts and flip-flops are staples for Summer. While this top is great during the Spring – Summer transition but its way too hot to wear for Summer.

What I’m Wearing// Floral Sweater from a Boutique shop in China (brand unsure) — Short from H&M – Pouch from Coach — Sunglasses from GlowGlamXO.

Hope you feel comfy today and Stay safe always! Till Next Time,

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