Travel in Style – Blue Coat Silk Scarf

January 15, 2017

travel in style

My recent trip to Japan was amazing. Beautiful places, delicious foods and kind people everywhere. It was the best highlight of my 2016. Ever since I started this blog, I decided to take fashion with me no matter where I go. This was my first trip to travel in style, it takes a huge effort in planning and packing, not easy at all. But the fun of it surpassed everything, it boosts my confidence and made my trip more colourful, will definitely do it again for my next trip! 


travel in style

Day 2 of my trip to Osaka was freezing cold. I got this turtleneck with heat tech from Uniqlo and it kept me warm all day. The blue coat from Zaful has a thinner material compared to an ordinary winter coat, wouldn’t have survived the day without that Uniqlo turtleneck. 

Instead of jewellery, I finished off the look with a silk scarf I got from Shein. I love the chic look of this outfit. The scarf definitely brought up a notch of this look.

travel in style travel in style travel in style

What I’m Wearing// Turtleneck from UNIQLO— Leather Pants from FOREVERNEW — Boots from BETTS – Scarf from SHEIN – COAT from ZAFUL -Bag from BURBERRY 

Thanks for stopping by. More Travel in Style for my Japan trip coming soon! Let me know what you think in the comment below. Stay tuned and Till nex time,


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