Tosowoong Blackhead Nose Pack Review

October 10, 2017

tosowoong blackhead nose pack

My blackheads are as stubborn as a mule. Nose pack normally can’t deal with my blackheads. But I finally found one which is quite effective – Tosowoong Blackhead Nose Pack.

My blackheads are quite small so when I do the test, there wasn’t much coming out in the nose pack. So I did a test on a friend who hasn’t “clean” his nose for a long time. And be prepared mentally and physically, you might be in shock after seeing the results. 

It’s kinda disgusting but satisfying. Warn you first. haha!

Tosowoong Blackhead Nose Pack

Tosowoong is a Korean cosmetic/skincare brand. They make use of nature’s hero ingredients and ensure their products really work safely and effectively on the skin.

Here’s what you need to know about the nose pack:

❥ One box contains 8 sheets of nose pack.
❥ It aims to get rid of blackhead, the dead skin cell and sebum on the nose.
❥ Star ingredients in the nose pack are Ghassoul (Morrocon Lava) clay and Charcoal – help draw out dirt from the nose.
❥ Does not contain any artificial color. Black residue leaves on the skin after using is the residue of charcoal powder and clay.
tosowoong blackhead nose pack tosowoong blackhead nose pack

Tosowoong Blackhead Nose Pack Review

I know you must be waiting for that “disgusting but satisfying” results. But first, let me tell you what I think is good or bad about this product. Give you more time to prepare yourself lol!

The Good:

 I love the smell of this nose pack. It’s like a herbal minty smell and it feels good on the nose. I did not experience any irritation on the skin when using it.
✔ It dries up very quickly compared to other kinds of nose strip. It’s great if you are in a rush or just impatience about the waiting time.
✔ Doesn’t hurt when you taking it off after it dries up. Unlike some nose strip, you feel like it taking out the skin of your nose. But this one is completely fine and I did not experience redness after removing the nose strip.
 It actually works very effectively! It took out 2 times more blackhead compared to those regular nose strip I used.
 The price is quite affordable too! The best thing right. It’s about A$4.00 on YesStyle. (RM12.00)

The Bad:

✘ The only bad thing is that it’s a bit hard to stick on the nose. After putting on, you need to wet your finger and press those extra water on the nose strip to make it adhere completely.
✘ For guys, it could be a bit too small. But this size is perfectly fine for girl’s nose. (Unless you have bigger nose than guys lol)



tosowoong blackhead nose pack tosowoong blackhead nose pack tosowoong blackhead nose pack tosowoong blackhead nose pack tosowoong blackhead nose pack


This is no my nose. I test it out on a friend who hasn’t clean his nose for months lol.

So there you go. This nose pack is highly recommended! I would definitely give it a 4.5 out of 5!

I got mine from YesStyle, you can click here to get yours, or at your own local Korean cosmetic store. Best is to buy in South Korea! Haha.

What do you think?

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