The Dreamy Purple Tree

The Beautiful and Dreamy Purple Tree – Jacaranda Tree. (Location: Hype Park, Perth)

jacaranda tree purple tree perth

purple tree jacaranda tree perth

In the late spring and early summer every year, streets in Australia are filled with purple blooms dropped from the so-calledย Jacaranda Tree, or what people call the Australia’s Version of Sakura. Nothing is better than enjoying a picnic day out with loved ones under this beauty of nature. You can find these dreamy trees anywhere in Perth. Hyde Park is one of those places. This is definitely one thing that is worth coming out for despite aย 40ยฐC (104ยฐF) hot day, but do remember to apply your sunscreen!

img_2110 jacaranda tree purple tree perth

The sun in Australia is seriously no joke. The heat is completely different from the tropical countries in Asia. It’s hot, dry and the sun really burns your skin. While applying sunscreen is a must, you definitely need a hat to protect your face and hair from the evil sun. Also remember to bring a good quality pair of Sunglasses for your eyes too! I got my summer bag from APALEPETAL that fits in everything I need for the day out, not to mention the pink is super adorable and perfect for a summer.

What I’m Wearing// Hat from RUBI SHOES — Dress from KITSCHENย (bought this piece 6 years ago so doubt they still have it) — Heels from ZARA — Summer Bag from APALEPETAL — Sunglasses from GLOWGLAMXO.


Stay safe wherever you are and enjoy the rest of the day! Till Next Time,


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