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No Mirror Makeup Challenge Failed (ENG SUB)

by Minnee / 5 months ago

WELCOME BACK MinneeFAM! ☺ ☺ ♛NEW TO MINNEEME?♛ SUBSCRIBE to my channel » for a new video every Wednesday and Sunday! It’s another Mandarin Speaking Video today! In this video, I’ll be doing the NO MIRROR MAKEUP CHALLENGE OMG. Wanna see if I can pull it off? Keep on watching! XOXO 大家好,今天的视频是要来挑战自己,没有镜子化妆!惨了惨了。完全不知道自己在干什么呢。想知道我到底能不能通过这个挑战吗?那就继续看下去吧~~ (\ (•◡•)