Pola Sakura Veil Hydrating Essence Review

by Minnee / 1 year ago
POLA Sakura Veil Hydrating Essence

pola sakura veil hydrating essence

In this post, I will review the Pola Sakura Veil Hydrating Essence after using it for more than a month.

Pola is an exclusive Japanese cosmetics house that is renowned for its advanced skincare, cosmetics and high-quality products. Pola has earned a global reputation for advanced, high-quality skincare and cosmetic products. – read more on POLA Cosmetics website.

POLA has a wide range of skincare series that targets different types of skin concern. With their most famous series being the POLA BA (BIO ACTIVE) Range & POLA BA RED Range, both fall under the Intensive Anti-Ageing Series.

POLA SAKURA VEIL Range is suitable for the younger skin. It’s the daily essential categories to keep skin hydrated and maintain youthful skin since young. The Sakura Veil Range has 11 products with different uses. The features and benefits of this range (from their website) include:

  • Sakura Veil is rich in natural extracts that have been highly prized in Japan for centuries. These extracts guard your skin from damage caused by the external environment
  • Creates smooth, hydrated skin
  • Sakura flower extract reduces inflammation and promotes smooth, glowing skin
  • Green tea extract, picked from the first tea leaves of the season in Japan, which are rich in vitamin C and act as an antioxidant
  • Rice bran to create a veil for the skin, helping it to lock in moisture by preventing the stratum corneum from thickening
  • By reducing particles to a very fine size, active ingredients can penetrate deeply
  • Refreshing fragrance relaxes the senses
  • Allergy Tested
  • Non-comedogenic – formulated to reduce the risk of the occurrence of comedo (the source of pimples)
  • No colour additives

POLA Sakura Veil Hydrating Essence

As you might have noticed, this luxurious skincare brand is on the high-end side. Purchasing the whole set of POLA SAKURA VEIL Range can easily cost you more than A$1000+. To avoid breaking my bank, I only choose to try POLA SAKURA VEIL HYDRATING ESSENCE. I got this essence from my local Japanese cosmetic store for A$55.

STEP 4 – POLA Sakura Veil Hydrating Essence (29ml)

Penetrates deeply and helps hydrate dry, troubled skin.

  • A fresh and dewy essence, which provides particularly dry skin with intense hydration.
  • Uses oil in water technology which penetrates the skin easier
  • Allergy tested, non-comedogenic and no colour additives.
  • Use after Lotion and before Milk.

POLA Sakura Veil Hydrating Essence

POLA Sakura Veil Hydrating Essence Review

The Good:

 The essence is very hydrating, it absorbs quickly into the skin.
 Smells incredible (good for Sakura lovers out there!).
✔ Packaging is in a pump bottle – very hygienic. Always my prefered type of packaging, and it’s easy to use.
 The product is in between a liquid and gel form. The colour is clear and its very easy to work with and feels good on the skin.
 The lightweight formula makes the product suitable to be used for summer, and it’s also hydrating enough for winter.

The Bad:

✘ Very Pricey for a small 29ml bottle of an essence (A$55).
✘ Might not be readily available outside of Japan (depending on your country).

POLA Sakura Veil Hydrating Essence POLA Sakura Veil Hydrating Essence

POLA SAKURA VEIL HYDRATING ESSENCE is a good essence. It works and it saved my skin from dryness for winter. I believe this product will be good for summer as well due to its lightweight formula.

However, if you ask if I will buy this product again, I would say No.

This is a wonderful product, but I feel like it doesn’t tally up with the price tag. At the price of $55, I expect it to do a better job. Besides, I can definitely get a cheaper option which does a similar effect.


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