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Perfect Brows in 3 seconds?! Dessin Stamping Brow Review

by Minnee / 3 months ago
Dessin Stamping Brow Review

Welcome back to another Beauty Review! Today I’m testing the Dessin Stamping brow! The product is from Korea. It claims to save you time and help you get your brows done in only 3 seconds! Well, let’s see if it actually works?!

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Dessin Stamping Brow Review Dessin Stamping Brow Review Dessin Stamping Brow Review

Dessin Stamping Brow  – Press your way to the Perfect Brow

Dessin Stamping Brow Product Description: Easily shape your brows every day without the hassle of drawing. Save time and sleep in for 10 more minutes in the morning! Get beautiful brows in 3 seconds!

  1. Quick and Easy – When you just stamp once for each brow. You will achieve beautiful and bold eyebrow.
  2. Stays on all day – The stamped brows will not easily smudge or erase by water or sweat.
  3. Natural looking – Achieve pretty and natural looking eyebrows that follow the trend with the puff.

Dessin Stamping Brow Review

To sum up my Dessin Stamping Brow Review in the video, the product is NOT quick and easy to use. It does NOT stay on all day and it is NOT natural looking at all. This is very unfortunate and a huge disappointment for me. It just didn’t work out for me at all.

Watch my video to find out why, if you haven’t already. The only good thing about the product is the grey powder itself, the colour suits my brow and it can last very long (it says one year). I can use the powder by itself and draw my brow using a brow brush instead of the stamp.

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