Pastel Minimalist ft Klasse14 Watch*

January 28, 2017

*This post is sponsored by Klasse14*

HELLO Fam, Happy Weekend!

Glad to have a long weekend here thanks to Australia day. Still couldn’t cope with the long holiday last December. I’m slowly adapting to the 9-5 life again, but it’s difficult after such an amazing trip.

Good news is, I have teamed up with Klasse14 to give you this Pastel Minimalist look. A hint of Korean style in here, and the outfit and watch compliments each other so well.



klasse14 klasse14

Simply a white Tee, Denim skirt, Pastel Bucket bag will do the trick for this look. Nothing fancy or too complicated. The watch itself is so elegant and sophisticated, I love the rainbow feature with white background, perfect for any pastel/light outfit 🙂

Klasse14 has a wide range of minimalist designs on their website, you can check it out here.  In this post, I am wearing the VOLARE RAINBOW WHITE. You can use my code for 12% discount, too!

Hope you enjoy reading. Till Next Time,


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