Get Healthy Pores with B.LIV Deep Impact*

by Minnee / 11 months ago
b.liv deep impact

b.liv deep impact

b.liv deep impact

B.LIV Deep Impact is a deep pores cleansing and massage emulsion. Its main function is deep cleansing and pore purifying, leaving your skin refresh and pores healthy.

Due to my sensitive, I can’t take exfoliating scrub that contains harsh beads, sugar or salt. My skin normally gets really dry and tight, following a breakout a few days later if I used any exfoliating scrub. I only use gentle exfoliators such as Peeling Gel or enzyme exfoliant.

If you have the same issue as I do, don’t worry. B.LIV Deep Impact is a very gentle exfoliator, in a form of an emulsion (sort of like a cleansing milk) with gentle Jojoba beads that won’t harm your skin when you massage it over.



b.liv deep impact

The product is formulated with 100% pure, natural Jojoba beads, which works perfectly in exfoliating as the small spheres have no sharp edges and leave no micro-lacerations to your skins. Once dissolved, the Jojoba beads will turn into oil form which closely resembles human sebum that is highly beneficial to the skin.

B.LIV Deep Impact also carries purifying, soothing, as well as anti-oxidant properties which serve your skin even better by deeply cleanses impurities while ensuring the much-needed moisture and nourish to the skin.

To know more about B.LIV the brand itself, kindly visit their website.

How to use:

1.Apply a small amount to damp skin.
2.Gently massage in an upward and outward circular motion until the Jojoba beads dissolve.
3.Rinse well with water.

Key Ingredients:

KAOLIN – For Oil Control
JOJOBA BEADS – For exfoliating
TEA TREE OIL – For acne control, comedone control and soothing


I have very stubborn blackheads and whiteheads around my nose and chin area. While I don’t see an instant removal of blackheads after using the product, I did notice it softens the blackheads and whiteheads, which makes it easier to extract using a nose strip.

The product has a white, milky texture with some gentle beads. It has a “medicine cream” kind of smell but nothing unpleasant.

b.liv deep impact b.liv deep impact

What’s good about B.liv Deep Impact:

✔Has a minty refreshing feel when applying on the skin
✔Does not irritate skin (Suitable for sensitive skin)
Beads and emulsion are gentle exfoliants, did not cause breakout after use
Soften impurities and blackheads in pores, easy to have blackhead removes afterwards
Gently exfoliate skins and remove dead skins + dirt, prepare skin to absorb skin care product better

What’s not so good about B.liv Deep Impact:

✘Skin feels tight after use. Recommend applying skincare/cream right after washing it off

I would recommend this product to those who have clogged pores, blackheads or whiteheads. It is not recommended to use the product every day, just like any exfoliant, it should only be used twice a week.

B.LIV Deep Impact will cost you US$25 for a 25ml tube, you can get the product on B.LIV Website.


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