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Foreo Luna Mini 2 Review! A Magic Cleansing Device?

by Minnee / 1 year ago

WELCOME TO ANOTHER EPISODE OF MINNEE TESTED!! ☺ ☺ In this video, you will find me doing Foreo Luna Mini 2 review. I tested the device while trying wash off my makeup, YOU WILL BE SURPRISED BY THE RESULTS AT THE END OF THIS CLEANSING TEST! Keep on watching to find out if the Foreo Mini Luna actually cleanse like magic! Is it the best face cleanser brush ever?
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Foreo Luna Mini 2 Review Test

I will demonstrate using my favourite cleanser Senka Perfect Whip and the Foreo Luna Mini 2. On the left side of my face I will be using both Cleanser and Foreo while on the right side of my face, I’m only using the Senka Perfect Whip. After that, I will test out the cleansing effect by applying my makeup cleansing water/remover with a cotton pad on both sides of my face, to see if there’s any makeup residue after the cleanse.

foreo luna mini review foreo luna mini review

My Final Verdict – 4.5/5.0

As you can see from the test, the left side of my face where I use both cleanser and Foreo Luna Mini 2, has no makeup residue at all. While on the right side of my face where I use only the cleanser itself, has some makeup residue on the cotton pad. This definitely proves that the Foreo Luna Mini 2 cleanse thoroughly even when you have makeup on. I am so surprised to see this result and will definitely recommend the Foreo Luna Mini 2 to those who have sensitive skin as it is very gentle.

Other than the price (which may be quite high for some of you), I have nothing to complain about the device. You only need to charge it fully once, and it can last you for at least 6 months even if you use it every day. I got the Mini size instead of the regular Foreo device so it is travel-friendly. I love the fact that it is so gentle on the skin, unlike some cleansing device where you can actually feel the bristle moving around on the skin, this one uses vibration and super soft rubber-like bristle.

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Where to buy ✿
Foreo Official Website 
Or your local Sephora Store
Retail Price A$179.00 / RM 659.00

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