York Town Canola Field


Hello People!

It’s the first weekend of Spring. We went on a short trip to York,  the oldest inland town in Western Australia, situated 97 km east of Perth, and is the seat of the Shire of York. The weather was exceptionally beautiful; bright hot sun with slightly chilly winds. I can finally put on this awesome Floral Kimono piece I bought online recently.

The drive to York from Perth city should be about 1 hour 30 minutes, but it took us almost 2 hours  because google maps went crazy :(.  The town center was quiet but the scenery in York is breathtaking. There are small hills with lots of sheep and cows (really cute!). The main reason we were there was the Canola field (pictures explain it all :D).



KIMONO or Bathrobe?


I am really in love with this floral wrap kimono. It gives a cool vibes to the whole outfit. I have to admit it does looks a little bit like bathrobe when it is fully wrapped. So I also created a half-wrapped look for this outfit.

The Half-Wrapped Look

dsc02982 dsc03076 dsc03078 dsc03122 dsc03068 dsc03110

The Full Wrapped Look

dsc03190 dsc03202


dsc03226 dsc03341




dsc03245 dsc03261 dsc03298 dsc03319

Alright, enough with the pictures. Both full and half wrap kimono has their own unique style. Full wrapped makes it into a blouse, showing a more girly and classic look. While half wrapped acts like a cardigan, giving a bold and fun style.

– Outfit Info –

Floral Kimono // Pomelo Fashion
Romper // Dotti Australia
Earrings // Lovisa
Choker // Lovisa
Bracelet // Lovisa
Boots // Top Shop
Bag // Michael Kors

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That’s a wrap for this week’s post! Hope you guys enjoy reading. Do check out a short video I made for this trip below :). Till next time,


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