DIY Beauty with Essential Oil: DIY Soothing Aloe Face Mask

June 9, 2017

I doubt there’s a need for me to explain what Aloe Vera and how good it is. If you’re not sure, read this article here. But today I am sharing one of my favorite DIY Soothing Aloe Face Mask. It’s so easy to make and of course, so good for your skin.

DIY Soothing Aloe Vera Face Mask

What you need:

Aloe Vera Gel (Or real Aloe Vera if you can find one!) 

2 – 5 drops of Essential oils of your choice (I use Jurlique Balancing Face Oil)

Clean Empty Container for Storage

How to make:

In a mini bowl, combine all ingredient together and mix well with a clean spoon or spatula. You can use as much aloe vera as you want, just add more drops of Essential oils if you use more gel. Transfer the mixure into a small container for storage. Store the mask in the fridge overnight before use for best results! Alternatively, store the aloe vera gel in the fridge overnight before making this mask, so you can use it straight away.

How to Use:

Apply the mask on face and wait for 10 minutes before wash it off with lukewarm water.

This mask is super soothing, perfect for a long hot day outside or when your skin feels irritated. I personally love Aloe Vera mask/gel, especially the one that’s been stored in fridge. I love using this whenever my face feels a bit sensitive or experienced a sunburn.


Happy DIY and Scrubbing!

Read my Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil Review here.

With Love,

Disclaimer: I am not a beauty expert nor a dermatologist. Everyone has different skin and reacts to beauty products differently, I personally tested this product/DIY and have no allergic reaction or so. However, if you experience any discomfort while using this product, please stop immediately and consult a doctor/dermatologist. MinneeMe does not take any responsibility on any reactions/discomfort happened while using this product/DIY.

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