DIY Camomile Tonic Facial Mist – Essential Oil Beauty DIY

June 9, 2017

This Essential Oil Beauty DIY – Camomile Tonic Facial Mist will be your skin’s new best pick-me-up of the day.

Camomile tea has amazing effects on your skin. With its amazing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, some studies have claimed that Camomile tea can aid in reducing acne and breakouts, tighten pores, anti-ageing, treat sunburn, reduces under-eye dark circles as well as using as a natural skin bleach to lighten the complexion.

I use this Facial Mist a few times a day, especially when I’m in a dry, air-conditioned room. I spray on my face and around me to “humidify” the air. It has done a magnificent job to my skin.

Essential Oil Beauty DIY – DIY Camomile Tonic Facial Mist

essential oil diy beauty camomile tonic facial mist


What you need:

1 Camomile Tea bag (You may use caffeine-free if you have sensitive skin)

About 150-200ml of hot water (boiled and filtered)

2 – 5 drops of Essential oils of your choice (I use Jurlique Balancing Face Oil)

1 Empty Spray Bottle (Not the one for the plant!)

How to make:

Let the tea brewed for at least 5 mins in a clean bowl. Wait for the tea to cool down. Pour the tea into your clean spray bottle (you can find this in any drug store), add a few drops of essential oil of your choice (I use Jurlique Balancing Face Oil). Shake to mix before use. I store this in the fridge at night to keep the tea fresh.

Note: Just like any natural food, tea will go bad too. I would advise to keep this mist up to one week only and change new tea every week. I usually finish this within a week because I use them quite often. 

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With Love,

Disclaimer: I am not a beauty expert nor a dermatologist. Everyone has different skin and reacts to beauty products differently, I personally tested this product/DIY and have no allergic reaction or so. However, if you experience any discomfort while using this product, please stop immediately and consult a doctor/dermatologist. MinneeMe does not take any responsibility on any reactions/discomfort happened while using this product/DIY.

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