!DISGUSTING PHOTO ALERT! The Dead Skin Fighter – IPSA Skin Clear Up Lotion 2 Review

April 16, 2017

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After loving the results from IPSA’s famous Luminizing Clay Mask, it’s time to try out another IPSA product. I got this IPSA Skin Clear Up Lotion 2 more than 6 months ago and am so surprised with its effect!

There are two kinds of lotion: Lotion 1 is for oily skin and Lotion 2 is for Dry skin. This lotion falls under the same group as the Luminizing Clay Mask, which is the Stratum Corneum Care.

Stratum corneum care lotion that gently wipes away unnecessary corneum and impurities in pores which are hard to clean by washing.
Type 2 is for dry skin.
With the ingredient of “grape seed oil”, unnecessary corneum which is multilayered because of dryness is tenderly loosened, leading to a smooth and soft skin. Also, it makes skin care products applied afterwards easier to be absorbed. – IPSA JAPAN

The IPSA website explains this product as a gentle lotion (or toner) to remove any excess dirt/impurities from our face after cleansing. !WARNING! Forgive me if you find some photos disturbing. But it shows you exactly how effective this lotion is.

IPSA Clear lotion 2 IPSA Clear lotion 2 IPSA Clear lotion 2 IPSA Clear lotion 2 IPSA Clear lotion 2

Yup, that’s how DIRTY my face is even after a DOUBLE CLEANSE. This only happens when I have a heavy makeup on the day. Generally, it’s not that….DIRTY. But it still shocked me. It’s probably some makeup residue sinking deep into my pores or something. Imagine accumulating all these in your pores every day, I can’t!



Ok, let’s go into the review now. Scary disgusting photos mean it’s working. Not only I love the simplicity of the package, it’s very hygienic as well, which is important for whatever skin care products you are putting on your face.

The IPSA skin clear up lotion 2 has NO SCENT at all. It literally feels like applying water on your face. It’s very gentle and soft on the skin, too. There’s no tighten or tingling feel whatsoever. It’s my type of toner.

Price wise, it’s on the expensive side. I remember buying this bottle (15oml) at almost A$75.00. That would be the reason why I didn’t rate it at 10/10. A tip to save on the lotion is a little goes a long way. I only use this when I have makeup on. I don’t usually wear makeup every day, so it does last me very long.

IPSA skin Clear up lotion 2


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To be honest, it’s 50/50. I would love to buy this but the price is stopping me. I heard it’s cheaper over in Japan. I might stock up a few when I travel to Japan again. But to buy it in Australia is not worth it. Other than this reason, this is a great product! Definitely, recommend this one for a final cleanse of your face.

Have you tried any IPSA product before? Let me know in the comments below what you think about this one. Hope you guys find this one helpful xx


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