ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip


The world is crazy (almost) about this incredible color-popping ultra matte lip. I have been trying out different kind of matte lipsticks and seriously, NOTHING takes my heart away like these babies do.

My lips has a lot of wrinkles on it, even at a young age, most likely due to genes :(. It looks odd when I put on matte lipsticks. Not only does it cracks and dry up my lips, the matte based actually creates more lines. Even the popular NYX matte lipstick doesn’t work for me, despite them being famous for having a creamy matte texture.

I did a lipstick haul from Colourpop and I got these 9 lovely shades.

Colourpop dsc04026

Let’s begin the swatches for these ColourPop Ultra Matte lip !


This one is my #1 favorite of all. It has a really fresh bright blood red tone. Love the brightness of it. Best to create a sexy classy look. I find that people with pale skin suits this color very well. I think most of the time I will be on this colour :D. You can never go wrong with a nice classic red lip.


Second favorite goes to this adorable colour! I absolutely ADORE this bright pink colour. This fun colour is best suited to party or girls night out. Again, pale skin tone matches the lip color better. But that doesn’t mean other skin tone can’t use it! It’s all about your own preferences 🙂


I LOVE this color. It’s like a deep purple red tone. Very classy and elegant. It has this powerful “Girl Boss” feeling to it. This lip color best suited for a night out in winter to an expensive, high class restaurant or bar. This lip colour is a little bit of a confidence booster for me. “More Better” Indeed.


Another red favorite. This one has a deeper red than creeper, the shade is kind of in between Creeper and More Better. More like a vampire red lips. Another classy elegant color, suitable for party or a night out.


#5. ARE & BE
I was a little afraid of getting this color, but it turned out AWESOME on me! This is the first dark color lip I have in my collection and I am obsessed with it. Definitely going to introduce more dark lips shade in the future! Are & Be you are incredible!


This one is good for an everyday make up. Many people prefer a nude lip for daily look. I have very pale skin, so some color on my lips is essential for me to avoid looking like a sick person. This color is perfect for people like me, not too pale and not too over-powering.


This beige orangy nude lip color suits my skin tone just perfectly. As I mentioned before, it’s hard for me to wear a pale nude color due to my skin tone. This one works just nice.


Pacific is a cute neon orange color. To be honest, this color looks much better on picture than in real life. It actually looks a little odd on my lips. The neon color is way too bright on me. Not sure if I will even wear this out one day. :/


Well, as you can see from the picture why is this my least favorite of all. It looks even weirder in real life than the pictures above! I am not a big fan of plump lip, it makes me look like i just had a lip injection. If you love plump lips, I would recommend you to try this one out.

These ultra-matte lips dries up quickly without drying out your lips. Oh and one more thing, the colours are super long lasting too! If you eat your meal slowly and drink like a lady, I can ensure you that there is NO NEED for re-application!

So which one is your favorite? Let me know at the comments below! 😀

Hope you enjoy this post. Have a GREAT DAY! Till next time,



  1. I have the same problem than you with lips, it’s very hard for me to find a matte lipstick that works for me, it’s very frustrating when you see the perfect color and you try it and immediately regret that decision.
    The are & be is just perfect! I’m gonna try to find these to check them out 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Nikki –

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