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Gabaiyoka Horse Oil Charcoal Mask Review

by Minnee / 5 months ago

Asty Cosme-Freak Gabaiyoka Horse Oil Charcoal Mask is a peel-off mask that claims to give you baby smooth skin by removing fine baby hair, dead skin cells and blackheads/whiteheads etc. I saw this mask piling up on the counter of my local Japanese cosmetic store. The sales girl swear by this product works wonder and


Rosette Gommage Peeling Gel Review

by Minnee / 6 months ago
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Rosette is a Japanese drugstore skin care brand. I have previously tried their facial cleanser (long long time ago) and I remember it was nothing too surprising. Until recently I bought a different product from this brand – Rosette Gommage Peeling Gel and I can say that this product definitely works better than

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Kate Powderless Liquid Foundation Review! Does it turns into powder?

by Minnee / 7 months ago
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In this episode, we are doing the Kanebo KATE Powderless Liquid Foundation Review. This liquid foundation will basically turn into powder in 15 seconds! Watch the video to find out how is the application of this foundation. KATE POWDERLESS LIQUID FOUNDATION REVIEW After testing, I think it’s more like a semi-matte finish, it does not,