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B.LIV Age Eraser Youth Preserving Bio-Cellulose Mask

by Minnee / 8 months ago
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During my recent travel to Hong Kong, I brought along a few masks with me, including B.LIV Age Eraser Youth Preserving Bio-Cellulose Mask,  just to make sure my skin is fully hydrated throughout my trip. We all know travelling sometimes stress out our skin due to change of weather and pollution, which may lead to


Pola Sakura Veil Hydrating Essence Review

by Minnee / 11 months ago
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In this post, I will review the Pola Sakura Veil Hydrating Essence after using it for more than a month. Pola is an exclusive Japanese cosmetics house that is renowned for its advanced skincare, cosmetics and high-quality products. Pola has earned a global reputation for advanced, high-quality skincare and cosmetic products. – read more on POLA


Rosette Gommage Peeling Gel Review

by Minnee / 1 year ago
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Rosette is a Japanese drugstore skin care brand. I have previously tried their facial cleanser (long long time ago) and I remember it was nothing too surprising. Until recently I bought a different product from this brand – Rosette Gommage Peeling Gel and I can say that this product definitely works better than