Hydrates Sensitive Skin: Bioderma Hydrabio Tonique & Légère Review*

April 10, 2017

Source: Bioderma Website

Bioderma is exactly 40 years old now (as of the year 2017) since it was founded and established in France. Their innovative approach and sincere passion in skin care and dermatology have helped them grow rapidly and gain reputation globally.

If you have sensitive skin and are looking for something gentle and light on the skin, you should give Bioderma Hydrabio series a go. Bioderma Lab designed the Hydrabio Series to treat Dehydrated Sensitive Skin. In this post, I am reviewing two products from this series. The Bioderma Hydrabio Tonique and Bioderma Hydrabio Légère.

Source: Bioderma Website


Bioderma Hydrabio Tonique Toner Bioderma Hydrabio Tonique Toner Bioderma Hydrabio Tonique Toner




I like the package of this toner. It’s a clear baby blue-bottle, it’s hygienic, it’s not too bulky and is easy to carry around. They designed the opening (hole on the cap) in a way that the toner will not leak unless you force it out. Good for those who have clumsy hands like mine, save me some toner from excessive pouring.


The toner itself has a light scent (not perfume) and is alcohol-free, which is perfect for my sensitive skin. The toner is a clear solution and

On the Skin:

Unlike other toners I have tried, this one doesn’t burn or tighten the skin after application. Instead, it leaves your skin feeling hydrated, soothed and soft. There’s no tingling feel upon application and it does not irritate my skin at all. Sometimes I use it as a third cleanse (after makeup remover and cleanser) to remove any makeup or dirt residue on my face. Very impressed with this gentle toner.


The price for a small bottle (250ml) is around AUD32.99 at Priceline, I wouldn’t say it’s on the high-end side but I would consider it as a pricey toner for a drugstore skin care products. This would be the only downside if you are looking for an affordable good toner like this at the drugstore.

BIODERMA HYDRABIO Légère (Moisturizer)

Bioderma Hydrabio Legere moisturizer Bioderma Hydrabio Legere moisturizer Bioderma Hydrabio Legere moisturizer Bioderma Hydrabio Legere moisturizer




This moisturizer comes in a small pump bottle, again it’s very hygienic with the cap on and comes in a travel-friendly size tube. Great to carry around in your everyday handbag for re-application throughout the day, especially when you’re travelling in harsh weather.


The moisturizer has a thin and light gel type texture, it’s neither creamy nor oily.  It has a light scent that is similar to the toner.

On the Skin:

The light gel has a very smooth application and the product absorbs quickly into my skin. Gel type moisturizer is my favourite as it doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily. My skin feels refresh and soft after applying the gel. I often use this in the morning under my sunscreen or before makeup. It works really well as a makeup base as it helps you moisturizer and prep your skin for foundation. I definitely recommend this product for the hot summer time.


The price for a bottle of 40ml at local Priceline store is around AUD42.99, again I would consider it as a pricey moisturizer for a drugstore skin care products.

bioderma hydrabio makeup tutorial


I would say a Yes for the toner, but maybe not the moisturizer simply because of the price. There are some other gel type moisturizers out there that work as well as this one but at a lower price (or better value), such as Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel ($15) or Neutrogena HydroBoost Gel cream($16). 

Otherwise, I am happy with this two products from Bioderma Hydrabio series.

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Have you tried Bioderma products before? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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