Best Japanese Organic Shampoo: Botanist Botanical Shampoo

by Minnee / 2 years ago

Botanist Botanical Shampoo is almost 100% organic, has more than 90%natural plant-derived components. When I was in Japan, this shampoo is displayed at the front of all drug/cosmetic store. I got myself a set with Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair oil to test if it’s worth the hype. It was definitely cheaper in Japan than in Australia (or anywhere else in the world). So if you are in Japan or planning to go there soon, stock up for a year supply if you can, that’s what I’m gonna do next time when I visit Japan again!

botanist botanical shampoo

I have always been told by my Caucasian colleague that most Asian has beautiful healthy hair. I started to pay attention to it ever since she said that to me and I find it’s somehow accurate. One of the main reason might be the sun. Most Asian hates walking/spending too much time under the sun, and I believe that makes a huge different to our hair. Yes, the Sun is evil.

But if you love the sun and not planning to give it up anytime soon, you should try this shampoo. There’s a reason why I recommend buying a whole year supply when it’s possible. It is by far the best shampoo I have ever tried and I am sharing this magical shampoo with you here.

Botanist Botanical Shampoo & Treatment Review:

I have long and thick hair. I always need to use more than one palm size amount of shampoo whenever I need to wash my hair. With Botanist Shampoo, only 1/3 of that amount is enough to clean my hair thoroughly. I love how soft the shampoo feels on my hair. The scent is too amazing to describe in words. They have all sorts of sweet scent where you can find in store when you are in Japan.

If you use the treatment (or conditioner) after your shampoo, you will witness silky smooth hair after. Halfway through air drying my hair, I use the hair oil when it’s still a bit wet at the end of my hair. Next morning I wake up, my hair is super lightweight and shiny.

My rating: 4.5 / 5.0

I am giving it 0.5 short due to its stock availability outside of Japan. It is difficult to find it elsewhere.

Of course, you can always order it online:
BOTANIST Botanical Shampoo 490ml & Treatment 490g – $43.18
BOTANIST Shampoo and Treatment Refill Pack – $41.37
BOTANIST Botanical Hair Oil – $24.86

If you are from Perth, you can get them from Cosme Hut in Northbridge/Cannington or Fabulous Beauty Northbridge. These are my two favourite places to shop for Japanese and Korean cosmetics.

botanist botanical shampoo botanist botanical shampoo

Additional Info for Botanist Botanical Shampoo:

According to Rakuten Global Market, there are two types of Botanist Shampoo in the market:

And natural plant-derived component more than 90% compounded
(It consists of a plant-derived component and water the ※ 90% or more)
– Decorate the pomp apricot and jasmine double fragrance of
– You can use your child and yours together.
From background to moisture finish in the “soap component” of the weakly acidic

And natural plant-derived component 90% compounded
(It consists of a plant-derived component and water the ※ 90% or more)
– Decorate the pomp Green Apple and Rose double fragrance of
Children also use safe design. To protect themselves from irritants in the “soap component”, to keep the moisture


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