Bell Sleeves with Long Wide Pants


Happy Long Weekend!!!!

It’s Queen’s Birthday today in WA. Although long weekend doesn’t mean I can slack. The only reason I’m excited because I have more time to spend on blogging.


This week I tried something different from my usual style. I recently got a new pairs of wide pants, a first in my collection. I needed some extra boost in height to fit the length of the pants, so I paired it with a pair of super high boots that I bought from China years ago. Haven’t had a chance to wear them till now, when I dug them out from somewhere deep inside my wardrobe 😀

wide pants dsc04194 dsc04158 dsc04222

Love how the Wide Pants lengthens my figure!

I am obsessed with the Bell Sleeves top. I added a choker to create a chic smart casual look, or I would have looked too formal. This white tote is absolutely gorgeous. It elegantly finishes the whole look. dsc04300 dsc04346 dsc04359 dsc04259-2

dsc04146So what do you think? I enjoyed this outfit so much. I love how the boots and wide pants lengthen my legs and creates a tall image. I always wanted to be tall like a Victoria Secret Model, I guess I can only create a virtual image using fashion and accessories then!

Hope you enjoy reading! Do let me know what you think at the comments below! 🙂

-Outfit Info-

Top // Her Velvet Vase
Wide Pants // Love, Bonito!
Boots // *Brand Unsure, from China
Choker // Colette Hayman
Earrings // Lovisa
Tote // Hieleven

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