Pola Sakura Veil Hydrating Essence Review

by Minnee / 4 months ago
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In this post, I will review the Pola Sakura Veil Hydrating Essence after using it for more than a month. Pola is an exclusive Japanese cosmetics house that is renowned for its advanced skincare, cosmetics and high-quality products. Pola has earned a global reputation for advanced, high-quality skincare and cosmetic products. – read more on POLA

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6 Easy Tips to create Korean Flawless Dewy Foundation

by Minnee / 5 months ago

How to create a Korean Flawless Dewy Foundation? There’s no rocket science to that. It’s very simple as long as you prepare your skin well before putting on any makeup! I have previously shown you guys my 5 Easy Skin Care Prep before Makeup. After you have done those steps, now you are ready to create


Perth Blooms: Visit S&R Orchard for Sakura vibes Picnic

by Minnee / 5 months ago
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S&R Orchard Perth – Perth is Beautiful! Spring is always my favorite season. Growing up I have never experience a four seasons weather, that’s why I’m obsessed with The Sims Four Season Expansion pack (good old days). I’ve live in Perth, Australia for nearly 5 years now. I am starting to grow and getting used