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The Story

Good Things Comes to those who Hustle Hard

I once dreamed of becoming a model, but they say I’m too short for that (I’m 5″3′). So I started a Fashion Blog and be my own model. And Part of my dream came true.

I started blogging with pure love for Fashion, never expect to have discovered a passion that I would love doing every day. Content Creation has changed my life massively and nothing can stop me from creating.

More About Me…

Where are you from?
I’m a Malaysian-born Chinese, currently living in Australia.

What is this Blog About?
In this blog, I share visuals of my fashion style, beauty tips and an occasional story of my life adventures. Join me for an adventure to travel the world at baby steps and eats all the GOOD FOOD while I share beauty hacks and fashion tips.

Are you a full-time blogger?
No. I just started not long ago, blogging is a part-time hustle for now.

What makes you started blogging?
As mentioned in the story above, I started blogging for the love of fashion & beauty; and to look for the purpose of my life.

What inspire you to blog?
Anything! I often get inspiration from famous Youtuber like Wengie and Jennim 🙂

What other channel do you have?
You can check me out at these channels here:
Facebook: MinneeMe Blog
Instagram: @minnee.me
Pinterest: MinneeMe
Youtube: MinneeMe (NEW!)

What is your Fashion Addiction?
Bags and Shoes!! I can live on instant noodles just to get that bag/shoes I want 😛

How do you describe your fashion style?
My fashion style depends highly on what I feel on the day. I can wear the basics, minimalist outfit today but a sexy bodycon with shiny accessories tomorrow. I wear whatever that makes me happy!

What does Asterisk (*) on the title means?
This means the post are either featuring collaboration, sponsorship or gifted goods and samples. Please see Disclaimer tab for more information on sponsored post.

Can I trust your review?
Yes, definitely! I cherish every single one of you and without your love and supports, I can never make it this far. All the reviews are 100% honest opinions of my own and I will only accept collaboration/sponsorship that suits the tone of this blog. Please see Disclaimer tab for more information on review post.

I’m interested in collaborating/work with you. How can I contact you?
To contact me, simply email me at hello.minneeme@gmail.com or send me a message here. 😀

For PR/Brands, please find my Fohr Card Press Kit here , kindly email for me to request for a Media Kit.

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