3CE Back to Baby Mask Review: Does it give you Baby Smooth Skin?

September 21, 2017

3CE Back to Baby Mask Review: Does it give you Baby Smooth Skin?

3CE BACK TO BABY is a series of skincare and face makeup products with the focus on achieving healthy and baby soft skin. 3CE Back to Baby Mask has recently been released on Stylenanda.com. I was sent all three packs of their newly launched masks to try and here I will give you my honest review.

3CE Back to Baby Mask is a 2 steps sheet mask with 3 different type of skin solution:

Focus on achieving healthy glow while providing moisture & nutritious care to your skin.
Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Olive oil, Macadamia seed oil, Camellia oil.
Step 1 – Glow Essence Stick: Apply the essence (blends of oils) using the Glow Essence Stick.
Step 2 – Nourishing Cream Mask: Place the Microfiber sheet mask on your face which will keep the nutritious ingredients from the essence stick intact.

Deep cleanse your skin and fill your skin with moisture using the moist barrier essence mask.
Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Cloudberries, Cotton seed
Step 1 – Scrubbing Pad: Use the soft side of the scrubbing pad first to exfoliate and flip over to the other side to finish deep cleansing
Step 2 – Moist Barrier Essence Mask: Place the microfiber sheet mask on your face which will keep the essence & moisture intact

Smooth your skin with peeling essence then moisturize and prepare your skin before makeup.
Ingredients included: Hyaluronic acid, AHA, BHA, Green tea, Eucalyptus
Step 1 – Peeling Essence Stick: Use the Peeling Essence Stick (contains AHA and BHA) to exfoliate & deep cleanse your skin
Step 2 – Skin Moist Essence Mask: Apply the sheet mask (made out of 100% natural Tencel material) which contain

3CE Back to Baby Mask Review

I have tried all these masks in three different occasions, you can click the link to watch the video of me trying out the mask.

NOURISHING SPECIAL – Watch me trying this mask here.

3CE Back to Baby Mask Review 3CE Back to Baby Mask Review

ULTRA MOIST – Watch me trying this mask here.

// TESTING @3ce_official BACK TO BABY MASK ULTRA MOIST👶🏻 . Step 1 is a scrubbing pad. Use the soft side of the pad first to exfoliate then flip over for deep cleansing. . ⚡️Verdict⚡️It’s similar to a facial scrub so don’t rub too hard! I washed off the scrub particles before putting on the mask. My skin feels super clean and smooth after this step. It helps the skin absorbs the mask even better✨ . Step 2 💧Moist Barrier Essence Mask. . ⚡️Verdict⚡️The microfiber sheet mask feels SUPER SOFT on the skin and it doesn’t irritates at all. Leave it on for 10-15mins. My skin feels moisturized and supple. I also wake up with baby smooth skin the next day! . @3ce_official #backtobabymask is now available on their website. Will have the other two masks review on my blog + YouTube soon!! 💕 . . P.S. Song is not mine, it’s my recent obsession over @hyunah_aa new song BABE😍 #3ce #stylenanda #3cemask #ad

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3CE Back to Baby Mask Review 3CE Back to Baby Mask Review3CE Back to Baby Mask Review


3CE Back to Baby Mask Review

3CE Back to Baby Mask Review:

Now let me review all three masks for you guys. To be honest it is very hard to choose one favorite out of all 3 masks as they all act differently for different skin concern.

The glow stick is very oily. When you apply step 1 you can see a layer of oil on your face. However, the oil disappears after you apply step 2 which is the mask. I love the Korean dewy skin so this mask is perfect for me. I have combination + sensitive skin so I can apply the step 1 on certain areas where I can easily get dry throughout the day, avoiding the T-ZONE. I used this before I do my makeup and it did make my foundation looks dewy. My skin looks hydrated all day and my foundation stays on all day as well.

If you have oily skin, however, I do not recommend this mask.

2. ULTRA MOIST – 3.5/5.0
I love step 2 which is the mask, it’s super moisturizing and I woke up to baby smooth face the next day. However, step 1 the scrubbing pad is a bit harsh on my skin. It acts similarly to your normal scrubs but since I have sensitive skin my skin becomes red after I apply step 1. The scrubbing does help to create the smooth baby skin since it removes the dead skin from your face, but if you have sensitive skin like me try scrubbing lightly or don’t scrub too long. Step 2 the mask is very moisturizing to a point where it’s a bit sticky after you take it off. So I wouldn’t recommend doing this mask in the morning or before your makeup. Just do it after a shower or before bedtime.


Out of all three masks, this one has to be the least special one. I believe this is designed to be used before you apply makeup, and it can help your makeup stays up longer. The peeling stick is very gentle on the skin, has a similar effect to your regular toner. The mask is thinner compared to the other two. The mask is very similar to any other Korean mask out there. I find this nothing too special. In terms of moisturizing level, this one is the least as well.

My Final Verdict for 3CE Back to Baby Mask 

The mask is selling at USD 16 per pack, with 3 masks (approx $5+ ea) included in one pack, which I think is quite standard for a Korean sheet mask. Overall, I think Nourishing and Ultra Moist (if you don’t have sensitive skin) are worth investing in if you want to give these masks a go. Clearing treatment is not a bad mask but I believe you can get some other Korean mask at a cheaper price that does the same treatment. It’s just nothing too special about it.

You can order these mask in Stylenanda/3CE website here.

What do you think?

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