2 Weeks Skinny Coffee Club Review – No diet, No Exercise*

March 20, 2017

skinny coffee club review

I have fought with weight loss for my whole life. There are too many indulgences in this beautiful world, it’s almost impossible for me to give up donuts and pizza.. Not to mention McD fries, red velvet cakes, tiramisu and all kinds of alcohol.

I have always wished for a supplement that can really help with weight loss and doesn’t harm the body. There are some bad people out there who sells diet tea and stuff that gives you a bad stomach. All you lose are just water weight, and in the long run, it’s harmful to your health.

When Skinny Coffee Club first approached me, I was skeptical, too. Thinking it was another “diet drink” that makes me visit the toilet few times a day. Therefore, I checked their ingredients list and found no trace of laxative in there. I googled Skinny coffee club review and the reviews are either good or neutral but have not heard anything bad about them so far. So I’ve decided to give it a go.

I received my SCC 28 days package and started to try it immediately. In my first two weeks when I was on this program, I did not exercise and I eat normally, mainly carby Asian meals (rice and noodles) but with reasonable proportion. I also cheated once in a while in this two weeks program with some Soju and Chips while watching my favourite Korean drama. That’s life 😉

rose coffee latte skinny coffee club review

2 Weeks Skinny Coffee Club Review

Without going on a special diet nor exercise, this eating routine/lifestyle normally won’t gain nor lose me a gram or a kilo. My weight will stay the same. With Skinny Coffee Club’s Coffee, I have lost 3 kilos in two weeks. No diet, No exercise. Just eat what I feel like and stop when I’m full. How crazy is that?

If you go to Skinny Coffee Club’s website, this is the first thing appeared on their home page:


  • Clinically Proven To Lose Weight Fast
  • See Visible Results In Just One Week
  • Trusted By Over 75,000 People
  • Works Without Exercise
  • Improves Complexion – Radiant Glow
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Simple, Tasty And Gets Fast Results

Let me review some of these points from my 2 weeks’ experience:

Clinically Proven To Lose Weight Fast

These are the ingredients you can find in SCC Coffee: Ground Coffee, Ground Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract Powder, Garcinia Cambogia, Siberian Ginseng Powder and Spirulina Powder.

If you have dieted for a while now, these ingredients is not a stranger to you. These have been clinically proven in the market to AID in weight loss. Take note that no laxative in here. This is different from those weight loss tea that I have tried, which I will have to go to WC at least 2 times a day. I have not experienced any laxative effect or the urge to visit the toilet after consuming SCC coffee.

See Visible Results In Just One Week

In one week, you can see results on the scale, but not a huge difference unless you take it with a proper diet and exercise routine.

Works Without Exercise

As I mentioned above, this has worked for me. I lost 3 kilos without going on special diet nor exercise. This is mainly due to it’s appetite control effects which I will explain below.

Improves Complexion – Radiant Glow

I think this one comes along when you have a healthy lifestyle. I have not seen this myself just yet. But will continue with this coffee for a month and see how it goes.

Increases Energy Levels

This is my favourite visible result after consuming SCC coffee. I have to say it gives me energy throughout the day. Unlike normal coffee which only able to sustain you in a short amount of time, SCC coffee allows me to stay focus during the day without the need of a second coffee in the afternoon. I am very impressed with this one.

EXTRA: Appetite Control and Curb Cravings

Yes, this is not on their list. I definitely feel full faster and longer, and I crave less junk food after drinking SCC coffee. I suspect this caused by the ingredient “Garcinia Cambogia“. I have taken Garcinia Cambogia in pills form before to help control my appetite. This works wonders for those of you who can’t control your intake or cravings.

skinny coffee club review skinny coffee club review skinny coffee club review skinny coffee club review

Skinny Coffee Club recommends you to drink their coffee in black. But some aren’t a fan of black coffee. SCC coffee tastes slightly different from your regular coffee, too. If you are looking for an alternative way to drink this coffee, try soy or almond milk and use stevia as your sweetener. 🙂

I am setting up a full 28 days special diet and exercise program to go along with Skinny Coffee Club’s Coffee. I will be back for another full review and hopefully with some visible transformation photos for you guys! Till then, Enjoy the rest of your day!


So I have tried this coffee for 1 month and started my second pack for half a month. In total I lost 6 kilos, without exercising. So I stopped consuming SCC coffee to see if I will regain those kilos again. So far (as of July 2017) I have regained 3 kilos after I stopped drinking the coffee. Basically I gained 1 kilo a month. Without SCC coffee I got my appetite back again, and of course I went on a 2 weeks holiday so that may be one of the reason why I gained weight. However, I see no changes to my skin complexion.

In short, I believe SCC coffee is great for a weight loss supplement, but I don’t recommend relying on the coffee only to lose weight. Even if you can’t exercise regularly, always try to incorporate healthy diet to see best results. Remember, you are what you eat! Cheers and good luck! <3

This post is created in collaboration with Skinny Coffee Club. 


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