Hong Kong Day 3: One Day in Hong Kong Disneyland!

by Minnee / 4 months ago
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This is Hong Kong Travel Itinerary Day 3 for my Hong Kong Trip in 2017. Watch my Hong Kong Day 3 One Day in Hong Kong Disneyland Vlog below: Hong Kong DAY 3: One Day in Hong Kong Disneyland If you read my Hong Kong Day 2, you know we switched over Day 2 and

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I-DOL Lens Korea Super Premium Contact Lens Review

by Minnee / 8 months ago
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I-DOL Lens Korea: Testing Pro Khaki Green, Europe Queen Blue and Seattle Gray. I wore the Seattle Gray during my Hong Kong trip and it was super comfortable. These are one of the most comfortable and natural looking contact lenses that you can slay with everyday Let me know in the comments below if you